Yard Waste Removal

Leaves, branches, weeds, and sometimes garbage (whether from you or your neighbor, no one knows) are some of the common objects you can find in your yard, especially during the fall or an ordinary windy day. This may be sign you need yard waste removal services.

Yard waste is also called green waste since it comes from plants. Sometimes it is irritating to look at your yard when it’s full of all this waste, so it’s important to clean and maintain your yard for your benefit and the environment. But it’s not an easy task to do since some local garbage collectors do not want to collect trash bags full of leaves, grass, branches, and other yard debris.

So what can you do about it? You might think of recycling as one of the good options to remove all this waste and yard debris. And, yes, it’s a great idea!

Yard Waste

Why is Recycling Green Waste Important?

Some waste management and trash companies don’t collect yard waste so they won’t fill valuable spaces in landfills. Thus, recycling will be a more beneficial way to get rid of your yard waste. Did you know that the organic waste found in your yard can be transformed into lawn fertilizer if you decide to recycle them? Yes, it’s true. And you can use it to make your yard greener and your plants healthier than ever.

Proper Yard Waste Disposal and Recycling

To make way for recycling, you can start with properly collecting and disposing of some of these common objects found in your yard.

Tree Branches

When you have trees on your hard, for sure, every day you get to sweep fallen branches of these trees. A perfect way to handle this is to use a wood chipper. This tool comes in handy since it can turn tree branches to a smaller size or wood chips. If there are lots of branches, be it or small or big, found in your hard, use a wood chipper to break down all these and use the wood chips as a moisturizing mulch for your plants.

Grass Clippings

Every time you finish mowing your lawn, you might be thinking about what to do with the grass clippings. Start by raking and collecting these grasses. Then put them inside a biodegradable trash bag, and you can put them on the curb for the trash collector to pick up.

Or you can just leave the grass clipping on the lawn and do the process called “grasscycling” or letting these grasses break down to become a natural fertilizer to the soil. You can also add them to your compost if you have one.

To give you a summary, here are some steps you can do to recycle and get rid of your yard trimmings:

  • Put them in a compost
  • Make them as moisturizing mulch
  • Grasscycling
  • Know your local recycling companies’ pick up schedule
  • Or hire a yard waste removal service to assist you in clearing your yard and process recycling

How Our Yard Waste Removal Service Works?

We at Grizzly Junk Removal offer responsible ways of disposing of all your yard trimmings, so you don’t have to stress yourself about it. We understand how debris like dried leaves and twigs can make your yard look messy but also cause inconvenience when they clog gutters and drain pipes.

We can help you pick up all kinds of waste found in your yard, such as:

  • Biological Waste
  • Grass clippings
  • Hedge trimmings
  • Holiday trees
  • Leaves
  • Mulch
  • Shrubs
  • Tree trunks
  • Twigs
  • Weeds and plants
  • Yard debris

Here’s the overall process of our service:

  1.  Please schedule a Yard Removal Service by contacting us or booking online.
  2. On the day of the scheduled appointment, our team will make sure to call you half an hour before the exact schedule.
  3. Upon arrival, we will start inspecting your yard and discuss with you the necessary procedures we will do and the price for the service (don’t worry, it’s affordable and no additional fees).
  4. The overall process normally takes about 2 hours. We will then take care of the disposal and the recycling.

Commonly Asked Questions About Yard Waste Disposal

Yes, it is okay to add your yard trimmings to your trash since most local waste collectors accept them. But they have limits on how much yard waste they can take. Or you can just dump it by yourself in the landfills if your local waste management allows you to do it.

But if you don't want to do all this work, you can just call a reliable yard removal service to do the work for you.

Not all objects you can find in your yard can be labeled as yard waste such as large tree stumps, rocks, bagged dirt and soil, planters, and concrete so don't include them when you dispose of your yard waste.

You may inquire for more junk removal services you need.