Why is cleaning important?

Junk removal

Cleaning helps to maintain basic hygiene in the environment we live in. It removes dirt and provides a happy and healthy environment for the residents of a house and employees working in an office. 

One of the most important parameters associated with junk removal is that we cannot dispose of all the garbage alike. There exist various government rules and regulations around the bulk and commercial junk disposal. Professional junk removal firms are aware of such rules and regulations. Such services, if availed by business owners, indicate their strategic step towards appropriate junk removal and sustainable junk disposal.  

Often everyone fails to observe the benefits of a clean working place and living place. Here are few of them-  

  • Disease Prevention- Cleaner environment reduces the chances of the spread of bacteria and viruses. Cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing makes a place good for living and working. Cleaning removes the dirt, disinfecting kills the germs, viruses and bacteria, and sanitizing removes the germs. We all are aware that micro-organisms are responsible for transmitting diseases from one person to another. Under such circumstances, it is extremely important to kill microbes that are responsible for spreading diseases.

  • Productive Employees– Psychiatrist suggests that immediate surroundings impact the mood. The cleaner the environment is, the better is the mood; so is the concentration or workers. In a clean environment, employees tend to do better work and evoke a positive feeling. It is essential to maintain a clean, fresh and bright workplace to improve the productivity of employees. 

  • Healthy work environment– As per a study, an office desk has four hundred times more bacteria as compared to a toilet seat. This costs the company in terms of absenteeism and sick leaves of employees. But if a place is free of bacteria it would energize the workforce. Disinfected, sanitized and cleaned place makes them work with more focus and concentration.

  • Happy residents– Clean home augurs a happy growing family. A cleaner living environment revitalizes the residents. It helps them to reduce stress. While, at the same time, an untidy place can spoil your mood and decrease your morale. So, keep your place clear of junk, debris and dust.

  • Better Disposal- While cleaning office and home regularly, we keep on piling up the trash. This trash cannot be disposed of with the daily trash. This piled-up trash creates clutter and harbors pesticides. It is better to dispose of the trash appropriately. It may contain some recyclable material. Being a responsible citizen of the country, one should recycle recyclable materials appropriately. For sustainable disposal, expert service providers are required such as local junk removal services in Orange County.

  • Improved PR– Nowadays every company is focused on building a good public and media relationship. This adds to the brand value of the organization. Corporate Social Responsibility is a buzz in business organizations. Contributing to the nation by sustainable disposal of the waste is a plus point for the companies. Apart from employees and business owners, clients, suppliers, etc. often visit the place of work. A clean environment creates a good first impression of the company on the minds of the visitors. 

Why do you need professional junk removal service providers?

Now we are well aware that cleaning is a crucial part of life and we cannot avoid it. Although we might overlook its importance, no one can move away from reality. 

Let’s learn why do we need a professional junk removal service provider?

  • Save Precious Time– Professional junk removal service providers are experts at their work. You may be doing it as and when the need arises like once or twice a year. But for them, it’s a daily job. They accomplish the task within no time. They provide faster service. The work done by you in 10 hours can easily be done by them in 2 hours or even less. Don’t waste your precious time doing work at which you are not an expert. Let the professionals do their piece of work at a nominal fee and in the meantime and you can in the meantime plan a movie with your family or an important business meeting with a client who pays you the actual price for your time.

  • Quality Service– They’re perfect at junk removal. They take care of everything for you. You just need to take a seat and observe. As for appliance removal- they visit your place, unplug the appliance, detach everything else and without scratching your walls or floor, remove the appliance and load it in their dump trucks. They leave your place in good shape for new usage. They come prepared and do all work for you.

  • Appropriate Equipment– When it comes to demolition or debris removal, it becomes very difficult to do a job on your own. It requires appropriate equipment and tools like ripping bar, Sawzall, sled hammer, framing hammer, oscillating multi-tool set, etc. Some of these tools are not easily available in a house or an office because we don’t need them often. Hence, we need professional service providers to provide demolition services, post-construction clean-outs, etc.

  • Sustainable Disposal– Normally we think a household’s things which are not useful to be rubbish. But this is not always the reality. Various spare parts of old appliances can be reused or recycled. Old furniture, wood, springs in mattress or couches or sofas, nuts and bolts, etc. are some of the recyclable materials. We throw them away thinking it’s a waste but it can be recycled and reused. In that way, we can save resources and contribute to sustainable living. Professional junk removal service provider helps us out in the responsible disposal of waste.

  • No Injuries– We are not aware of easy ways of junk removal. Also, we don’t have the appropriate equipment. In such circumstances, it may happen that in doing the job ourselves we end up in getting an injury. Sometimes junk is too heavy to handle. Other times we are not aware of how to dismantle or detach things appropriately. This work suits only those who are skilled at it. Better to hire a junk removal service person who can do the job on our behalf taking the lesser time and at a very nominal fee.

  • Important Contracts– Professional service providers have contracts with transfer stations, recycling units, and landfill stations. If you otherwise opt for these services you may end up paying more as compared to what they charge if you go through professionals. In this way, you can save your hard-earned money and pay less. Smart work is always better than hard work. So, think wisely and act smartly by getting your work done by the experts.

What you should look for with professional junk removal service providers?

Please read carefully the key factors which need to be considered before assigning your work to someone.

  • Accurate Fee Estimate– The charges or quotes sent by the company should be transparent, accurate and legitimate. You should be aware of the hidden charges so that you pay only for the service you get. Before finalizing any of the service providers, compare the quotes. Book the one which charges you the least.

  • Reviews and Ratings– Please ensure to go through the reviews on Google and Yelp about the service providers. Check for the testimonials on the website itself. It helps you out in making the correct decision. Invest some time to read thoroughly what customers have written about their service offerings. There exists a mix of positive and negative reviews about the company. But reviewing always proves useful to make the right and informed choice.

Why choose Grizzly Junk Removal Services?

Grizzly Junk Removal Services is the best online junk pick up in orange county and family-owned recycling and hauling services company that works for the 100% satisfaction of its customers. It is a locally owned company that has friendly employees who work on their toes to leave the customer satisfied. It is a bonded, licensed and fully insured company which is specialized in hauling bulk trash. It provides fast, affordable and eco-friendly junk removal with round the clock customer service. It guarantees prompt pick-up and same day junk removal. It has got five star-rating on Yelp and Google, an A rating on Angie’s list. It cares about the environment and recycles and donates 60% – 80% items. It provides instant and quality service for removing junk, small demolitions, hauling and more by using trucks that run over natural gas. It is the only junk removal service in California with clean-burning CNG trucks. Its service is available in Irvine, Newport Beach, Tustin, Fullerton, Buena Park, Cypress, Los Alamitos, Yorba Linda, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Anaheim, and Fountain Valley. It has competent team members who believe in an excellent performance to delight customers and to accomplish its commitment.  

How does it work?

Let us now understand how does Grizzly Junk Removal Service work.

Here is the detailed step by step approach how you can use the service- 

Step 1. You need to click a photograph and send it to Grizzly Junk Removal. You get an instant quote as per your need.

Step 2. Decide a date as per your convenience and book a service for you over a phone call or by visiting their website. Provide them with a two-hour window to deliver their services.

Step 3. On the decided date, they call you and tell you about the expected arrival time 

Step 4. Based on the requirement explained by you over the phone call and images of junk that you have sent, they come prepared to do everything for you.

Step 5. They take all the rubbish items from your place and leave your place neat and clean. The place is ready to be used for your new purposes. Finally, you can pay them in any form- cash or digital.

Grizzly portfolio of services

Do you want to know more about all services provided by Grizzly Junk Removal? 

Here is a detailed description of what all they do.

  • Commercial and Residential cleanouts– They clean your residential and commercial place for new tenants, new office, and remodel office in a phone call. They ease-out relocation, interior demolition, debris removal, junk hauling and trash disposal with their quick and affordable service. 

  • Demolition– They provide exterior and interior demolition services that include bathroom and kitchen fixtures, cabinets and countertops, carpet, sheds and storage buildings, playsets and decks, hot tubs and pools, garage, carports, etc. With expert service providers, renovation and relocation become a cakewalk. They rapidly turn around your place within no time. They handle small and big projects. They complete playhouses and shed demolition within 24 hours, and large decks and garages within a couple of days.

  • Appliance Removal– Replace your old broken appliances with our team seamlessly. They offer services for the following units- refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, ovens, stoves, etc. Their team of experts removes appliances without scratching or denting surroundings. Don’t worry if your appliances are heavy, their team is there to help you out.

  • Furniture Removal– Thinking of disposing of a sofa, mattress, or dining table and which can’t be trashed off with daily or weekly garbage pick-up service. They assist you to get rid of them completely. They have the skill and the manpower specialized to remove furniture of all sizes and shapes such as- couch, sofa, dresser, love sear, bed frame, recliner, headboard, table, mattress, desk, office furniture, chair, etc.

  • Post-Construction cleanup– Have you completed the construction of your new home and could not move into it due to debris, dust, sawdust, lumber, etc. Contact them to get clean-up service that includes- lumber, asbestos, tile, drywall, debris, window, shingle, door, piping, carpet, etc. They aid to relocate you to a new place.

  • Property Cleanouts– They offer basement cleanout in Orange County, full estate cleanouts at a nominal fee. Don’t burden yourself with cleaning out big properties. Contact them for cleaning service of places like- basement, attics, foreclosed homes, estates, garages, offices, yards, etc. Their team with 10 years of experience provides you cleanout service for your property.

Things of your benefits

  • You can get a $20 discount when booking service online.
  • You can contact them over a call (714) 309-0201.
  • You may write to them at [email protected].

· For more information you can visit their website.

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