Ways to Dispose Of Your Old TV the Right Way

Old TV left outdoors

Television is enjoyed by families and individuals from the comfort of their homes for decades. The ‘domestic’ medium quickly became a popular pastime and an integral source of information and entertainment in our everyday lives.

Although the way TV is used today is evolving with viewing habits, the advent of smart technology TVs, 3D TVs, and others have quickly outdated the traditional forms. 119.6 million TV sets in 2018 to 120.6 million in 2019-20 show that the medium is far from fading out.

There’s no harm in upgrading your TV sets every holiday season, or every time a new, better technology is introduced, as long as you’re disposing of the old TV the right way. Here are some tips to ensure the old TV set doesn’t end up in a landfill to become e-waste.


The TV might still hold a considerable amount of value. Consider selling it online, at a yard sale, or swap facilities. You might be able to get rid of it responsibly while making some money out of it if it still works.


Local charities are always looking for ways to entertain the less fortunate or differently-abled. Charities, shelters, hospitals, and other NPO’s often accept old televisions if they still work. Another way is to give it to a needy individual for free if you know someone who can make good use of it.


Some manufacturers often have an exchange deal or generally just take old television sets back to refurbish them. Contact the company to see if your TV is eligible and whether they can pick it up for you.


Old TVs stacked up on racks to be recycled

TV’s contain toxic, harmful chemicals, and other parts that can contaminate the water and pollute the air when they leak into the ground. Plus, to curb the extremely fast-growing problem of electronic waste, it’s crucial not to let components sit idle in landfills and encourage their reuse as repurposed parts that can be manufactured into something else.  

Being aware of our junk’s end destination is enough to give us some respite, especially if the junk hauling company uses eco-friendly methods of disposal. If your TV has been rendered useless, connect with experts at Grizzly Junk Removal & Hauling to dispose of old TVs responsibly.

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