Waste Disposal Methods adopted by Junk Removal Companies

Seeking the services of junk removal companies helps us evade the hassles related to waste disposal. The enormous amount of junk we have is varied, and thus, requires separate methods for disposal. Although the junk removal companies claim that their services are comprehensive, ranging from waste collection to disposal, we cannot rest assured until we know how exactly our junk matter is being dealt with. Once the company personnel arrive at your home or designated location, you are present to check the efficacy of their services or monitor them in case you do not like their procedure of working. But what happens once they leave your home with all your junk loaded in their dumpster? Where does it go? Is it being thrown away into landfills, or just burnt away? There might be a few useful items in there which might not be valuable for you but could come in handy for someone else. Also, our junk contains a lot of non-biodegradable matter, as well as electronic items. What happens to them? As responsible citizens, none of us would want to add to the environmental woes of this planet with improper waste disposal practices.

Junk removal companies in California and other places collect the junk from the designated location and take it to a centralized hub wherein all the junk matter is segregated and disposed of accordingly.

  • Recycling is one of the most widely used methods for disposing of waste. It is applicable for a large variety of items ranging from metals, PVC to LDPE, glass, and even electronic items. It is not only the most eco-friendly method for dealing with waste, but it also generates economic benefits (recycling centers create many jobs). Thus, it solves the problem associated with dumping waste into landfills
  • Biological Reprocessing and Animal Feed – Organic waste, including plant, paper, food products, are treated using Biological Reprocessing to make them suitable for use as compost. The local junk removal services also use food waste as animal feed instead of just throwing it away or processing it
  • Incineration is another method that is adopted by these companies. At times, companies having scarce land prefer the waste to be treated thermally (combustion) so that they can use the energy generated by the heat or steam
  • Even with innovative waste disposal techniques, there is no denying the use of landfills for waste disposal. The only point of assurance is that junk removal services are trying consciously to decrease the use of landfills and switch to other green methods
  • Junk removal companies also have tie-ups with NGOs and charitable homes where they donate all those items which are still fit for use

Knowing the end destination of our junk gives us some respite, especially when we know that the company we have chosen uses the most eco-friendly method for disposal.

But what next? If junk removal companies provide such comprehensive services, are they charging a hefty sum as well? We understand your concern. So, let us take a look at the Pricing policy of these companies.

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