Trash Removal

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Trash Removal

We throw a variety of stuff in our trash every day. Hence, it fills up instantly leaving no room for new waste to come. So, you keep on waiting for the garbage truck to come, only to find out you already missed it. No worries, call Grizzly Junk Removal for trash removal services.

We understand your frustration in getting rid of your trash, so we provide the best solution: a same day trash removal service.

Since our main goal is to recycle all recyclable junk and help our community and environment, we will make sure that every trash you throw undergoes the right disposal.

Why Does Recycling Trash Important?

There are lots of benefits you can get from learning how to properly dispose of and recycle your trash. The main importance is protection and safety.

If we know how to manage the trash we throw every day, we will realize how much we can contribute to reducing the risk of air and water pollution. We will also be safe from any type of hazard since most of our trash is composed of broken and sharp items and, most importantly, harmful substances and contaminants.

Man throwing trash in a dumpster

Proper Trash Disposal and Recycling

For proper trash disposal, you can practice the 4 R’s: Reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot.


First and foremost, there would be less waste to manage if we make it a habit to reduce our waste at its source.


Reusing and repairing some broken objects can help to prolong their usage thus reducing the demands for more sources. If you practice reusing some of the stuff you think is useless, you won't realize how much you can contribute to saving energy, conserve natural resources, save money, and provide jobs to make our community healthy, safe, and vibrant.


Most of the junk we throw can still be useful. And if we continue to use recyclable objects we can reduce energy consumption and depletion of resources from creating new products. Recycling can also keep our environment from being polluted.


This refers to biodegradable wastes that can be naturally decomposed such as food scraps, yard trimmings, etc. Even if these objects seem to be useless, they can still be useful by allowing them to rot or process composting which is beneficial for the soil and help plants grow. In the long run, it can provide you a clean and sustainable environment.

How Our Trash Removal Service Works

If you are looking for a trash removal service that follows all the right measures for proper trash disposal and management, Grizzly Junk Removal is an expert on it. With our professional trash haulers, we will assist you in collecting all your trash anytime here at Orange County.

Most of the trash we collect are:

  •  appliances
  •  carpets
  • electronics
  • exercise machines
  • furniture
  • lawn mowers
  • mattresses or box springs
  • miscellaneous junk and clutter
  • pianos
  • sporting goods
  • water heaters
  • yard debris
  • and a whole lot more!

Here's how we run our trash removal service:

  1. Please contact us if you need help with trash removal and schedule an appointment or pick-up date for the trash.
  2. Our truck team will come and pick up the trash on the scheduled date.
  3. Upon arrival, we will check with you about the trash you need to get rid of and discuss the pricing of our service (don’t worry, it’s affordable and no additional fees). You can also check our Pricing here.
  4. The process of collecting all your trash will only take an hour or less, depending on the number of items you want to get rid of.

Commonly Asked Questions About Trash Removal

Yes, many materials are best to be separated from your usual trash because they contain some harmful substances, such as batteries, electronic devices, fluorescent light bulbs, paint, paint cans, prescription medicines, and used motor oil and filters.


Please contact us if you need help in disposing of these objects, and we will do the right process on how to get rid of them.

We accept and do trash removal requests by schedule. After agreeing on a certain date, then we will come to you to pick up your trash. You can also arrange a frequent trash removal to us if you always need assistance with all the junk you have in your home or businesses.

There are many such as beverage cans, cardboard, food boxes, food cans, glass bottles, glass jars, jugs, mail, paper, plastic bottles, plastic caps, and plastic jars. If you have lots of these items at your disposal, it's better to put them in your recycling bin and create a new product from it to reduce the demands of buying a new one or looking for new resources.


If you need more help, you may inquire about our other junk removal services.