Television Disposal

Grizzly Junk Removal will do the heavy lifting. We offer the preferred television disposal with our certified service providers at cost-efficient pricing. 

Appliances not being utilized anymore like your television only occupies spaces at home that you can even use for other functional home decors, furnishings, and more. Dispose of your old appliances like your television now. Yet, this is not an easy task. You might often bruise yourself while doing the heavy lifting yourself. Fortunately, we do offer a television disposal service. 

At Grizzly Junk Removal, we offer services that are mission-driven, sustainable, respectful, eco-friendly, and more based on what you require.

Why You Should Dispose Of Your Old Television 

Junk removal services will save you time, money, and resources. It will help you regain the aesthetics of your space, as well as reduce your environmental footprint.

In today’s world where households can easily be enticed by new television units, such as LCD or flat screens, this buying habit increases the chances of keeping old television just around your area. Dispose of your old televisions now with the help of Grizzly Junk Removal.

They Will Harm The Soil

Television is e-waste. They may be taken to the landfill, but once in those sites, it takes thousands of years before decomposing, compared with other types of wastes. That means the television sets in the 1900s or the 1990s are still out there? Most probably. At this time, it will damage the Irvine environment.

Once they start to decompose, they release harmful chemicals into the soil that can contaminate trees and plants. Such chemicals include lead from circuit boards or lithium from batteries. Worse, they may even harm your food supplies.

Grizzly Junk Removal offers eco-friendly services that leave out its harmful effects in the landfill.
Let us do the work for you.

Your Old TV Will Cause Groundwater Damage

The old television materials, including cadmium, lead, and mercury, can flow into the groundwater that connects to streams, rivers, lakes, and ponds where animals, plants, and humans used to get their water from. They may compromise the food chain, therefore contributing health risks such as immune damage and cancer, among many others.

They Are Not Good For Your Area

Beyond harming the environment, storing television sets in your vicinity is also not suitable for your area’s aesthetic quality. They will occupy spaces you can use for other purposes. Your family, friends, and visitors will not like to see these old appliances just stored in the garage, outdoor spaces, or even in areas in your residence that should be arranged and clear of such stuff.

The Old TV Could Bring In Pollution

Television is electronics, and they will cause air and water pollution. They will not only post life-threatening effects upon the health of people, but they will also harm the environment if not disposed of well. They may also seep into the waters, causing harm to marine biodiversity.

Television Disposal? Grizzly Junk Removal Is At Your Service

Electronic products like television contain chemicals right from their production. If you dump them into the landfill, the chemicals can leak out, polluting the water and air. Television sets also contain recyclable materials, including plastic, glass, and copper.

Let our team of specialists take the effort to recycle old televisions from your household or office buildings to the landfill, so you can sit back and relax.

Committed To Your Needs

We provide our junk removal services to residential and commercial spaces, whether these are villas, estates, offices, or condominiums. We value respect, trust, and integrity. Our work is founded on community service and dedication.


We never work just for the sake of earning money. Our team offers upfront pricing based on the weight, volume, scope, and labor of the junk removal. It constitutes travel, disposal, transport, and recycling, among various others. Request your free estimate today.


It is given that we take responsibility for the post-junk removal process, so you never need to worry about where your television disposal will go. Here is what we can ensure here at Grizzy Junk Removal. We reuse, resell, re-purpose, and recycle the items we dispose of in the most sustainable ways possible. We adhere to the law in everything we do concerning junk removal. Approximately 60 percent to 80 percent of the items we haul are kept out of the landfill. Thus, you never have to worry about the composition of the television sets seeping into the ground, causing pollution, etc.

Clutter-Free, Organized Disposal 

You have heard about junk removal specialists who accomplish the work for the sake of it being done. Ours is clutter-free, organized disposal of your TV. We arrive on the dot, on time for the scheduled appointment so we can get started earlier. With this, we have the time to settle problems whenever they arise. Simply show our certified junk removal specialists here at Grizzly Junk Removal the television you require for them to collect. Call Grizzly Junk Removal today at 714 309 0201 or send an email to [email protected]