Shed Removal

If you are looking for a junk removal company that you can trust for a lifetime, you can always reach out to our friendly staff here at Grizzly Junk Removal. From rubbish hauling to demolition services, we’ve got you covered. Among the most in-demand services we offer is shed removal.

Sheds are essential in every household, even in some businesses, as they serve as storage or archives space. Instead of piling up your junk in a small room inside your home or office, a shed can do the trick. However, when it gets old, rusty, or shabby, you have to replace it with a new one, and that’s where a professional comes in.

Shed disposal is difficult if you plan to take it down by yourself. Plus, you can get hurt or injured when you do so. Thus, it would be best if you call specialists like Grizzly for help.

Shed Removal

What shed do we take away?

Our team is composed of experienced professionals who specialized in hauling items. So, we take away any shed, big or small, including the following:

  • Metal shed
  • Woodshed
  • Vinyl shed
  • Gazebo
  • Greenhouse
  • Tool Garage
  • Lean-to shed
  • Barn-style shed

Name your shed or point it to us, and we’ll haul it promptly. We will also be glad to take all the items inside your shed when you want them gone. However, we do not take hazardous wastes like car fluids, wet paints, and pesticides. If you have such items, we will direct you to nearby facilities accepting these wastes for free. 

How do we price a shed removal?

We tear down sheds before we load them into our truck. Therefore, pricing varies depending on various factors, such as its size, labor needed, and materials. Its cost is computed for small to medium-sized shed removal based on its discards volume and the labor included in the removal process. For large shed removal, the total charge is based on its disposal volume, labor fees, and the rental price of specialized tools and equipment needed to get the job done. 

Our standard pricing does not change, but we sometimes require additional charges for extra labor and equipment fees involved in the project. Moreover, pricing differs if your shed has the following items:

  • Dirt
  • Snow
  • Concrete
  • Sand
  • Tiles

These items are heavy, so we charge $35 per wheelbarrow if you want us to haul them away. Overall, our pricing runs lower than our competitors as we want you to avail the most affordable services in town.  

How do our shed removal services work?

We know how challenging shed disposal can be, and we don’t want to burden you further. Hence, all you need to do is talk to our representatives, and we will do the rest from there.

  • Once we confirm your schedule with us, we will arrive on-site to check your shed.
  • We will give you an honest quote in person, and our team will explain why we arrived at that price.
  • If you agree to the cost, we will start tearing down your shed by piece to load it quickly into our truck. We can also take all the unwanted items inside if you say so. However, if there are electrical lines in the shed, we suggest that you call an electrician before we proceed with disposing of your shed.
  • For sheds in need of power tools, we will have to schedule another meeting to get the work done.
  • After we take and load your shed into our truck, we will give your place a courtesy sweep to ensure that your area is clean.
  • When everything is settled, you can pay our team directly on site. We offer flexible payments for a hassle-free transaction.

Please remember that we will give you a call when our team is on the way. So, relax and do your chores without spending your time waiting for us to arrive. Further, we also cover all the permits needed to demolish your shed, depending on your location. Thus, all you need to do is call Grizzly, and we’ll get everything done swiftly.

Who is Grizzly Junk Removal? 

We are a family-owned junk removal company serving the entire population of Orange County and its surrounding areas. Our main office is situated in the same neighborhood, so we always want our neighbors’ best.

We promise to provide our clients the most professional and eco-friendly junk removal services, including shed removal and demolition services in town. We ensure that all your discards are recycled as much as possible to help save the environment. All salvageable items are donated to local charities and disposed of properly otherwise.

How To Get Started

For questions and inquiries, you can reach us out through the following methods:

  • By phone: Give us a call at 714-309-0201, and specify your needs to our customer service agents. We will answer all your queries and entertain your concerns.
  • By our website: Schedule an appointment with us by filling out our web form. You can send us a photo of the article you need to remove and get an estimate.

We are ready to answer your call and arrangement with us 24 hours a day and seven days a week. So, you can expect a swift response and prompt pick-up services from Grizzly Junk Removal.