Scrap Metal Removal

There will always be scrap metals everywhere whether it is in your home, car repair shops, or any construction site. For some people, these scrap metals are totally junk or just deserve to be thrown out in the garbage and landfill areas. But for us, there are no useless junks. We will always make a way to reuse and recycle all the scrap metal removal we take from your project or property.

Why Does Scrap Metal Recycling Important?

Most people don’t know that not all scrap metals can’t be recycled. Therefore, they are not suitable to just be thrown out to landfills since they can’t naturally break down and can only cause harm to our environment.

These metals deserved to be recycled instead so they can be of good use once again and also reduce the volume of garbage we throw every day.

If you are in doubt about how you can dispose of your scrap metals, it’s better to seek help from experts to handle the work for you.

Scrap Metal Removal

Proper Scrap Metal Disposal and Recycling

Proper disposal of metal junks depends on what type of metals they are. Like for example aluminum and steel from your empty canned foods and soft drinks. You can recycle it yourself in your home or you can also take them to a recycling depot. While for larger metal scraps, you can contact your local junk shop Grizzly Junk Removal which serves junk-related services in Orange County.

Here are proper disposal and recycling methods for commonly used metals.


The most common type of scrap metal. Most household materials are aluminum-made like food tins and drinking sodas. The best way to recycle aluminum is to melt it and use it to create a new product.


This metal is found in plumbing tools and materials. Same as aluminum, you can also melt brass metals and reuse them to create new material or use it for artistic projects.


Electric wires and pipes are the common items made of copper. If you have lots of this in your home that you no longer need, you can recycle it because it does not lose its value easily.


Skillets are a common object made from cast iron. If it is already old and rusted, you can remove it from your house now by contacting a junk removal service to assist you in how to recycle items made from cast iron.


Household items, auto mechanic parts, and batteries are materials made from lead. Since lead is also the kind of metal that does not lose its value even after a lot of recycling process, you can’t just throw them out to your garbage. For sure, there’s always somebody who needs it. So collect all your useless items made from lead and contact a scrap metal service to help you dispose of them.


You might not be aware, but your house might be full of nickel-made items such as old mobile phones, kitchen utensils, razors, and belt buckles. Don’t throw them out if you no longer need them since nickel is also one of the best metals perfect for recycling.


Considered as the most recycled metal. Often, steels can be recreated as a new product for construction or industrial purposes.


Cooking pots and pans, electronic devices, and canned foods and drinks are made up of tin, one of the softest metals. Scrap metal buyers often look for tin since it does not lose its value even if recycled or reused to create a new product.


Because zinc can resist rust, it is often used for construction materials. Unused material made from zinc can be recycled to use as protection of steel from damages and corrosion.

How Our Scrap Metal Removal Service Works?

We at Grizzly Junk Removal, give second chances to junks, especially scrap metals, to recycle and reuse them and lessen garbage thrown out to landfills. Because of this, we gladly offer our service to pick a haul of all your unused and unnecessary items made from metals so we can properly organize them.

Scrap Metal Removal

Here is the list of the metal scraps we accept to recycle:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Lead
  • Stainless steel
  • Tin

Here's how we process our service:

  1. Please contact us if you need help with scrap metal removal and schedule an appointment.
  2. Our truck team will get back to you right away to assist you in getting rid of all your scrap metals.
  3. Upon arrival, we will check your hauls and discuss with you the pricing of our service (don’t worry, it’s affordable and no additional fees). You can also check our Pricing here.
  4. The process of collecting all your metal junks will only take an hour or less, depending on the number of materials you want to get rid of.

If you need more help, you may inquire about our other junk removal services.