Refrigerator Removal and Recycling

Grizzly Junk Refrigerator Disposal

When you’re looking to get rid of your old refrigerator, look no further than Grizzly Junk removal. We understand it’s hard to recycle and find a professional refrigerator disposal service alone, and that’s why we’re here to help. They are big and bulky, difficult to maneuver, and often need several experienced people to carry them just a short distance.

Of course, when looking to remove your refrigerator, you cannot simply throw it in the trash. Depending on services within your area, refrigerator pickup is simply not an option, and garbage disposal services are unlikely to offer to deal with your refrigerator.

Refrigerator Cleanout

Reliable Service, Responsible Management

Perhaps you’re moving house and cannot bring the refrigerator with you, or your making major structural changes to the space you occupy at this time. Grizzly Junk Removals takes a responsible approach to disposal, with best practice in mind every step of the way. Whether its going through the appropriate recycling channels, collaborating with local charities, or finding other organizations who can make good use of your old fridge, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that disposal is done efficiently and with good intention.

The Recycling Process with Grizzly Junk

Recycling is becoming an increasing part of everyday life, and with Grizzly Junk removal, refrigerator recycling has never been easier. Typically, cities may require the recycling of refrigerators, in line with federal law. This is down to the various chemical components that make up refrigerators, as well as potentially damaging oils. At Grizzly Junk, we are fully aware of correct environmental procedures and take our approach very seriously.

The process of recycling requires a lot of manual work, and we are happy to provide this service. We arrive at your doorstep ready to take your fridge and operate in an efficient, cost-effective manner to get the job done and bring minimal disruption to your day to day life. After removal from the living space, we take it away in our truck, and ensure the space previously occupied by the fridge is clean and secure.

Preparing for Grizzly Junk Refrigerator Disposal Service

Here at Grizzly Junk, we are happy to take care of all the heavy lifting to ensure you don’t have to, however there are a few things you can do to speed things along. These include unplugging the refrigerator to allow the evaporator to defrost. Additionally, it is important to remove all foods and other perishable items that may be in the fridge.

From this point, we are able to take care of the rest, arriving at your door and removing the refrigerator in a matter of minutes!

Typically, liability requirements dictate that we cannot disconnect appliances within your home, and as such this is the part we ask you to help us with, but from this point, you can be sure the job will be complete with minimum fuss!

Refrigerators may be accompanied by a variety of different hookups and power sources, including oil, fuels, charged site suppression, and compressed air or gas. When these disconnections have been established, we are able to move forward in an efficient and timely manner, removing the fridge immediately and leaving your space as if the fridge had never occupied it in the first place!

When is it time to dispose of your fridge?

There are several warning signs to look for that may indicate your fridge is not performing at optimum capacity. When these signs appear it is important to not wait- you may be consuming dangerous food or emitting harmful chemicals into your home, and the surrounding environment.

So when you hit these few critical warning signs, it is imperative that you consider the disposal and recycling process.

Refrigerator Disposal

Warm food

A clear sign that the fridge is not performing in the way it should, the temperature setting must be assessed and, if no obvious problems are present with this setting, it is time to consider the overall performance of the fridge. 

Inner Coils

Inner coils are notorious for frost buildup, and this can have a major impact on functioning. This also typically indicates that the coild may be broken, which can lead to a number of different problems down the line.

Fridge compressor

The motor behind the fridge is vital for it’s performance, and if it is running but the temperature is still not correct, this indicates that the compressor is broken and the fridge needs immediate attention.
If you notice any of these issues with your fridge, call Grizzly Junk Refrigerator Removal today and let us come and take of everything!