Mattress Disposal

Let us work on the junk removal for you. We offer the country's best mattress removal, disposal, and recycling services with our trained specialists.

Mattress disposal can be difficult. Especially if you are always in a hurry, got no time to undertake this task, including it being stressful to accomplish, and there are municipalities and cities which may not allow curbside pickup with these old mattresses. With this being said, we have the right people to take care of your needs.

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Reasons To Remove Your Old Mattresses Today

Here at Grizzly Junk Removal, we encourage you not to keep your old mattresses, even if you are storing them in vacant spaces in your home or office. After all, they will not be of use, and keeping them around will only disrupt your residences’ aesthetics. Time to coordinate with our experts to dispose of your old mattresses.

Get Better Sleep

Quality sleep should not be a luxury. If you are sleeping on your old mattress even today, you should replace this now and buy a new mattress. However, what should you do with this mattress? Coordinate with our specialists directly to dispose of these old mattresses. 

Your old mattress is giving you the difficulty of sleeping at night. It impairs your immunity, leads to weight gain, and increases the chances of acquiring dementia. Your new mattress shall help you improve your sleep and your overall well-being. Your sleeping quality and the mattress you have are correlated.

Hoarding Old Stuff Isn't Healthy 

You can always buy a new mattress and keep your old mattress staying in your space. No problem, but you should know that hoarding old stuff instead of throwing them away also has its repercussions.

Imagine keeping your mattress in your basement, attic, one of your rooms, or any other space in your residential unit. You can use up this space for other important stuff. Keeping stuff like your old mattresses also increases the risk of accidents at home, brings threats to sanitation, and worse, this stuff may even cause fire hazards and so much more. Did you know your house also decreases its value with unnecessary items like the old mattress?

New Mattresses Will Solve Your Back Pain

Once your mattress becomes painful, it does not fulfill its purpose. Even worse, uncomfortable mattresses can also be the beginning of other health issues. The way you feel upon waking up in the morning depends on the quality of your bed or mattress. If it starts to feel uncomfortable, it is alright to replace this.

The new mattress will ease up your back pain, so you wake up feeling more energized, ready to take on what the world has in store for you on that day.

Sanitation Must Be A Priority

Old mattresses, primarily if not used and never cleaned anymore, may attract allergies and germs. It will also be a breeding area for bugs and dust mites.

There is no reason not to remove your old mattress now there are junk removal services like what we offer to remove your old mattresses without difficulty.

It Is Now Easier To Dispose Of Your Old Mattress

Many individuals want to dispose of their old mattress, and only they are saying they do not have the time or the resources to do this well.

Now, it is way easier than you think. Grizzly Junk Removal has a team of specialists who will remove all kinds of mattresses, from foam, latex, spring, inflatable, hybrid, box springs, headboards to hospital beds. Get your free quote today.

Choose Grizzly Junk Removal 

Integral Commitment 

Our service providers are certified and committed to you, our clients. We take pride in our integrity, following the principles that every client expects us to be.

At A Fraction Of The Cost 

Forget about other service providers who are into scams. We will never do this upon you. Our upfront pricing is based on the weight, volume, and scope, including travel, transport, labor, and disposal. See how our services work today and get your free estimate.

Eco-Friendly Approach

Sustainability in everything we do has been our promise. We reuse, re-purpose, resell, and recycle your old mattresses whenever possible, so you will never have to worry when they will go. Sixty to 80 percent of the items we dispose of are kept away from the landfill. 

Commercial Industries Can Get Our Services

Our mattress removal goes beyond residential spaces. We also offer disposal and pickup services for several industries that include hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, rehabilitation facilities, and so much more.

Our team takes pride in accomplishing such tasks well. We go beyond just mattress disposal but give you advanced notice if your mattress has been infested with bed bugs. Your service providers will arrive on time for the scheduled appointment. Simply show them the mattress that needs disposal. Call us now at 714 309 0201.