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Junk Removal Tustin Made Easy and Safe

Moving, relocating, or just looking for the number 1 service for junk removal in Tustin? Grizzly Junk Removal in Tustin is the name to remember for any type of junk removal and cleaning needs. What makes our service the top-rated in the area is our commitment to customer satisfaction and environment-friendly practices. You do not need to arrange any labor or transport. One call and we take care of any type of junk from old appliances to general trash, and even debris at construction sites. Here are a few of the recent projects that we have completed in and around Tustin. 

Andrew’s Dining Table and Chair

Andrew had an old 10-seater dining table and set that he had to get rid of. Over time, the wood had become infested with mold and he was looking for an easy and safe way to get rid of it. He reached out to us and scheduled for the next day between 4:00 PM-6:00 PM. We arrived within the scheduled window and took the dining table and chairs. In just 1 hour, we had cleared out the drawing-room and took it to our recycling partner who would clean and recycle the wood so that it did not have to go to a landfill.

Park & Co. Construction Crew

When Park & Co’s construction crew reached the site to start their work, they were greeted with more construction debris and rubble than expected. The team did not have the required equipment and transport to get rid of it all efficiently. One call to us and we reached there with our trucks the same day. Within the same day, we cleared over 2 trucks full of debris from the site- thus freeing the area for the crew to start their work.

What can the #1 Service for Junk Removal in Tustin help you with?

With a professional junk removal service like ours, you can get rid of any type of junk including:

  • Small and large electronics and appliances
  • Furniture
  • Old or used mattresses
  • Any exercise equipment
  • Tools
  • Books and miscellaneous home items
  • Boxes
  • Spas, hot tubs, jacuzzis
  • Yard waste

With lesser junk or stuff, moving to a new home or relocating to a new city is easier. If you are leaving your home, going through each room and taking out stuff that you do not need or want any longer can decrease the effort and cost. Knowing that there is a junk removal company to take care of it all for you will make your move smoother.


What do we do with the stuff we take?

Our commitment to excellent customer service and protecting the local environment is what pushes us to be efficient throughout the process. We donate any material that can be used- including old furniture, toys, electronics, and more. Anything that can be reused is donated or sent to agencies that could use them. The remaining items that need to be disposed of are then taken to our landfill and safely disposed of. 

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How much will junk removal cost you? Are there any hidden charges?

All the quotes shared by us include everything from labor to transport. Our junk removal in Tustin quotes do not have any hidden charges. We provide an approximate over the phone, should you ask for it, and provide a fixed quotation when our team visits the site. A variety of factors affect the cost- including the amount and type of junk, where you live (ground floor or higher floors), and accessibility (if they have to go up/downstairs or if there is a lift available). You can rest assured knowing that the quoted amount will not change for that junk.


About Grizzly Junk Removal in Tustin

Grizzly Junk Removal was started by a father and son duo and continues to be a family-run business. Thus, you can count on getting an excellent service every time. When you hire us for junk removal in Tustin, you get the advantage of over 10 years of experience in recycling and junk removal. Thus, you are not only making it easy for yourself but also making the best junk removal choice for the environment. 

All our professionals are trained and licensed. Our teams follow the strictest hygiene and safety standards so that you can rest assured about your safety as well. So what are you waiting for? Don’t let junk worry you. Move or sell your home with ease and get rid of junk by calling us or booking online. Feel free to reach out to us for any type of junk removal project.

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So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let junk worry you- simply call Grizzly Junk Removal and get rid of it all today!

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