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Grizzly Junk Removal Services

Whether doing a renovation, demolition or constructing a new building altogether in Irvine, there’s one aspect of the work that can drain your to-do list energy; getting rid of the debris. You don’t have to struggle with the hassle of disposing of the debris; Grizzly Junk Removal can take care of it for you with our junk removal services so you can focus on your projects’ core agenda.

We’re fully registered and insured to undertake any junk removal work while ensuring all the harmful waste that can pose a danger is properly taken care of. Our team is adequately trained in the best ways of handling debris, including sorting, loading, and proper disposal of the waste materials in an eco-friendly way.

Our Professional Approach to Junk Hauling

What sets us apart from other junk removers in Irvine is that we adhere to a strict policy while handling debris because we understand how dangerous the waste can be if mishandled.

Our team is well trained, equipped with safety gear, and always adheres to our policies to ensure that all debris is handled correctly.

We don’t jump into the work right away. We follow steps to ensure the debris is removed with the least disturbance possible, within a set timeline, and is done as per your requirements.

Our Professional Approach to Debris Disposal

Checking your preferences and Eco-friendliness

Before the actual hauling of the debris begins, we’ll confirm with you to ensure that certain things you’d like to be met by our team are known to them.

These may include requirements such as minimum noise disruption, taking precautions not to touch certain sections like grass or flowers, among others.

Our team will bear these considerations in mind during the hauling process to ensure that the task is satisfactory to you.

Also, we bear into consideration the effects of our work on the environment. We take necessary precautions to limit the impact of the junk removal process on your surroundings. We also ensure that removed debris is disposed of in the most eco-friendly way.

Debris Material Identification and Sorting

Regardless of the type of work you’re doing, there will always be different types of debris that will require different ways of handling them.

Our team will sort hard and rigid material such as concrete, steel, wood, tiling, drywall from pliable ones, such as plastics, electrical wires, metal sheets, etcetera. This will help us ensure that carriage space is utilized in the best way possible, so the work is done in the shortest timeline possible.

We will also identify and sort hazardous materials such as lead, PVC, wood treatments, volatile organic compounds (VOC), silica, and many others. These will be set aside and handled in the most appropriate and recommended safety standards to ensure that they do not come into contact with anyone or anything that can cause short-term or long-term harm.

Any other debris will also be identified and sorted before it’s hauled away from your site.

Debris Hauling

After all the pre-processes are complete, our team will do the hauling process. We have trucks well equipped and customized for the hauling of debris materials.

We provide safe, eco-friendly removal of the debris from your project, whether it’s remodeling, major yard renovation, new construction, or demolition.
Whether interested in a one-time debris clean-up after the project is done or would like us to do regular clean-up of the debris, our professional team will handle it for you.

Our team will perform a thorough clean-up of the site after the removal of the debris. We’ll sweep and clean up any leftovers such as screws, nails, cardboard, and paper trash, among others.

Site Assessment

We assess the site containing the debris to be disposed of. This is to ensure that our team can safely access the material without getting injuries and ensuring that the surrounding area is not affected by the removal process.

Work Assessment

After the debris removal, we do not stop at that. Our team will also assess the site with you to ensure all your requirements have been met.

If you need a rework, or perhaps a certain section of the site had been forgotten, don’t stress about it. Our team will carry out the work as required and leave you satisfied.

Our Holistic Junk Removal Services

we understand that apart from debris, you might need to dispose of different other types of junk. This is why we have diversified our junk removal services to include the following:

Our Holistic Junk Removal Service

Appliance Removal

This service entails the removal of old or obsolete electrical appliances from your home or office space. Our experts will remove appliances such as AC units, dishwashers, heaters, microwaves, lawnmowers, and many others as required.

Refrigerator Removal

Refrigerators are bulky and hectic to remove. Our refrigerator removal service takes care of all these worries by removing any obsolete, damaged beyond repair refrigerators from your home, office, store outlets, among other places.

Mattress Removal

Mattresses are bulky and difficult to get rid of on your own. Our team does the removal of any size and type of mattress.

Couch Removal

Thinking about upgrading your living room? Let us help you get rid of current couches through our couch removal service.

Television Disposal

Our TV disposal service will remove your old CRT TVs, flat-screen displays, large monitors that are no longer needed from your home, office, or business so you can replace them as required.

Trash Removal

If you need to get rid of vast amounts of trash occupying space or making it unappealing, we can remove the trash from your office, home, or business to give you peace of mind and improve its aesthetic appeal.

Furniture Removal

With our furniture removal service, we can remove old, obsolete furniture occupying space in your home, garage, or yard. If doing a living room remodelling, we can also remove your current furniture to give you more room for styling new living room ideas.

Yard Waste Removal

Need to revamp your yard? Our Yard waste removal service will clear out all the trash from your yard for the most appealing yard space.

Hot Tub Removal

Our hot tub removal service includes the removal of hot tubs and other bathroom-related items such as sinks, faucets, bathroom drawers, among others.

Scrap Metal Removal

If you have a pile of old rusty scrap metal that needs removal, our scrap metal removal service will remove it for you.

Carpet Removal

If you recently did a living room recarpeting and would like to get rid of the old carpets, our carpet removal service will take care of it.

Tire Removal

Need to remove tires that are no longer in use to clear more space in your garage? Our professionals will remove tires and other related junk so you can put the space into meaningful use.

At Grizzly Junk Removal, the range of junk waste we can handle is just limitless! Get in touch today and find out how our experts can help you get rid of that junk in the most eco-friendly way!

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