Junk Removal: Right from the basics

We use the word ‘junk’ very casually in our daily conversations, without sparing much thought about what it means. The literal meaning of junk is any discarded material that is of poor quality and holds little or no meaning to its owner. However, the meaning of junk can have different connotations for different people. What might seem like junk to one might seem useful to the other. For instance, the old furniture lying uselessly in your attic or those old clothes lying unattended at the back of your closet, all of which you treat like junk, and are waiting to get rid of, might be very valuable for someone else. 

Thus, any item or material, irrespective of its condition or value, can be categorized as junk if it holds no significance to its owner. Hence, from furniture to clothes, construction debris to garbage at home, electronic appliances to warehouse materials, everything can fall under the junk category.

Humans have a raving consumption pattern, which is further enhanced by advancements in technology and lifestyle. Thus, with changing needs and preferences, the rate at which individuals discard items is also rising. To be more specific, on average, an American produces five pounds of waste every day. Thus, with the burgeoning waste generation, individuals need a dedicated service to remove all this waste.

Junk removal services are not a new line of service. It has existed since time immemorial and has evolved with changing lifestyles. What was limited to only landfill cleaning or garbage pick-up has expanded into a full-grown industry with a high market value. It might seem fascinating to know that the junk removal industry is valued at $10 billion annually and is expected to reach the $80 billion mark by the year 2021. Although the industry does not seem very big from the outside, it is indeed a mammoth one, with close to 20,000 companies operating within it. The junk removal services in California and other parts of the United States generate revenues both for the collection of waste as well as for the treatment and disposal of waste.

Unlike other industries, junk removal might not seem a very attractive one, especially due to its nature of operations, but this is one industry that has consistency and is here to stay. No matter how much the world changes, humans will always produce waste, and there would always be the need to clear the waste. Thus, be it basement cleanouts or commercial cleanouts in California, junk removal companies will always be in demand.

Are you wonderstruck with so many details about an industry you hardly gave any thought to? Well, we have more for you. For starters, let us elaborate on how junk removal companies work.

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