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If you aim to throw any appliance, furniture, or general trash away, big or small, reach out to Grizzly Junk Removal in Irvine. Known for being one of the safest places to live in America, Irvine is among the largest master-planned cities in Orange County. It holds over 200,000 inhabitants with various sights of interest such as beaches, parks, museums, universities, and a zoo. For these reasons, several residents and commercial places need a professional and responsive junk removal service.   

Why Grizzly Junk Removal in Irvine?

Are you fond of storing things in your attic or storage room? Or do you always buy new appliances and furniture for your house, even if your existing ones still work? Or you want to declutter your space? Whatever your circumstances are, the overwhelming junk may give you an eyesore and put you in a difficult situation at a certain point. That is where a professional junk removal company, like Grizzly Junk Removal in Irvine, comes in. 

Why choose Grizzly Junk Removal? First, we guarantee you a 100% percent satisfaction rate. Our work includes a full junk removal service, from picking up the items to sweeping your place. Second, we offer same-day removal. Our customer service is available 24/7, leading to a prompt junk removal service. Third, our team and staff are professionals and approachable. We know the right procedures and the best way to handle all of your concerns. Fourth, our team utilizes the best tools and equipment to get the work done. We are sure to be punctual and to come prepared on pickup day. Fifth but not least, our services are reliable and affordable. We always quote you fairly and reasonably.

Here are a couple of our Grizzly Junk Removal Irvine customers’ stories: 

Madeline's Appliances

Madeline is a single mother of three lovely children. She had a room full of used and damaged household appliances. From cookware to washing machines, you name it, and she has it. Her youngest child wanted a room of her own, and Madeline decided to give her child the storage room. We removed everything in the room for five hours and took three truckloads. Our company is thrilled to help her achieve a junk-free and child-friendly house. 

George's Refrigerators

George and his wife received two brand new refrigerators for their upcoming wedding. However, his house, where they will live, already caters to three other large refrigerators. Two of them are slightly damaged, and the other one is working fine for over eight years. As they don’t know how to discard them properly, they called us and asked for a quote. We arrived at their place at around 11 am and started loading their refrigerators into our truck. Our team is pleased to help the newlywed couple.


Know More About Us

Grizzly Junk Removal is your local junk removal servicing all the areas of Orange County. We are a family-owned company providing quality work for residential and commercial sites within the vicinity. Garnering numerous 5-star feedbacks, we already received countless appointments and served thousands of happy customers. 

We have become experts in hauling, recycling, and refurbishing all the rubbish we collected for over ten years of professional junk removal services. Further, as much as possible, we donate usable junk to other people in need. Furthermore, unsalvageable items are disposed of properly. Our company aims to promote an eco-friendly junk removal service. From single items to bulk hauling, Grizzly Junk Removal got you covered. 


How Do Our Services Work?

All it takes for your rubbish removal is to schedule an appointment with us. From there, we will give you a window time of our arrival. We know how anticipation makes you restless. Thus, our driver will call you to let you know that we are on our way. Once we arrive, we will quote you according to the service(s) you need. Consequently, if given your approval, we will load your items quickly. 

However, that’s not where our services end. We also provide a clean-up for the affected area. When our team verifies that all our work is done, you can now settle the fee. We accept all types of payment for a stress-free transaction. In line with our company’s mission, we also look forward to making your lives easier by letting us do all the junk removal work. 

So, are you planning to manage and free-up your space? If yes, directly give us a call and talk to our agent today. Get an instant service quote before we proceed with the junk removal services. You can also schedule a pickup with us online.

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If you are looking for junk removal services in Orange County, you can rely on Grizzly Junk removal to provide you with the best and quality services out there.

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