Junk Removal in Newport Beach

Waste tends to pile up after a remodeling job. Broken drywall bits, chopped carpet rolls, and irrelevant furniture all take up the space that you need. Instead of renting a dumpster and cracking your back by carrying all that heavy stuff yourself, get someone to do it for you! Call Grizzly Junk Removal in Newport Beach and we’ll be helping you to remove any non-hazardous garbage from your house. Our polite, uniformed employees are dedicated to customer service and will ensure 100 percent care for your junk issues. It doesn’t make a difference how much junk you have – it’s not too big a problem. Just point, and all the junk vanishes!

The best in the industry is our squad, so let us show you what we are up to! We are happy to help if you are trying to recycle old equipment, get rid of used beds, or need some assistance in disposing of yard waste. We will remove non-hazardous materials of any kind from your house. If we can pick it, we can haul it.

This is how the process of removing junk happens:

1. Our pleasant, uniformed men arrive at your property in Newport Beach to provide an estimation based on the cost of removing the trash. We’re charging based on quantity – so you’re paying us just for the job we’re actually doing, and not how much time it takes.

2. If you hire us, we are going to remove any and all junk from your premises. Old sofas, drywall bits, plain old garbage – nothing can get away from us!

3. We are going to clean the area the trash occupied after we’re done.

4. Finally, based on the amount of junk we extracted from your house, we invoice you.

It sounds easy because it’s easy. So if you are looking for rubbish removal in Orange County or junk removal companies in Orange County, Grizzly Junk Removal is here to help!

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