Garage Cleanout Tips: How to Create a Junk-Free Garage

Woman sitting on a car looking around things stored in the garage

What if we tell you that your garage is meant for parking your vehicle and not hoarding old appliances, clothes, furniture, books, and loads of junk?

Jokes apart, garages often lose their functionality when you put off garage cleaning for the next week’s weekend, which, by the way, hasn’t arrived in years!

Cleaning the garage can be a daunting task, so we’ve ‘piled-up’ ways and tips to make your garage cleaning expedition quicker and painless.

Take Everything Out

Start by finding out what’s in every corner of the garage. Once you’ve pulled everything out, categorize the space. This will give you an idea about what space you have to work with and what types of storage might work best.  

Make a List: Keep, Discard, Donate or Sell

Start by evaluating what stays and what needs to go.

A good way to decide is to lay ground rules, such as seeing what items you’ve used in the past couple of years, things you’ve been meaning to ‘fix’ or use in the future, which frankly might never happen, and tools or equipment that works perfectly well and should be stored.

The more thorough you are in this step, the more comfortable rest of the cleanout process becomes.

Decide What to Do With the Clutter

Whatever items didn’t make it to your ‘keep’ list need to be decluttered. Hire professional junk removal services to get extra help from experts who are trained to handle cleanouts efficiently. This will make garage cleaning hassle-free and fun!

It’s crucial to opt for an eco-friendly bulk garbage removal company to ensure your clutter doesn’t end up in a landfill because that has countless detrimental effects on the planet.

Grizzly Junk Removal and Hauling has licensed technicians trained to handle the heavy lifting and guiding you about items that can be reused, repurposed, or recycled. We will stash away all items according to your requirements without you having to lift even a finger!  

Put Everything Back In

Now that you’ve sorted everything figure out an ideal garage layout, and put the puzzle back together. You can add value to the garage by installing shelves, using storage bins, hanging items, designate cubbies to each person or each category, and keep separate places for seasonal items.

Expert Tip 

Professional workers hauling junk

You don’t have to handle all the stressful work alone. Make garage cleaning easy by scheduling an appointment with Grizzly Junk Removal. Whether you need a garage cleanout for large items, furniture removal, professional appliance removal, or just need bulk garbage removal services, we’ll get it cleared out in no time, and that too at affordable rates. Call us at 714 309 0201 to find out more.

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