Dumpster Rental vs. Junk Removal: Main Differences

Man throwing trash in a dumpster
Man throwing trash in a dumpster
Men hauling away heavy furniture

When step one of renovating, cleaning, decluttering, constructing, or remodeling a commercial or residential property is completed, stage two includes looking for options to get rid of the junk.

There are two popular solutions to choose from, including a dumpster rental or a junk removal service.

What Is A Dumpster Rental Service?

A roll-off container is delivered at your preferred date, time, and location and is placed within the property’s premises via a hook-lift system affixed to a duty truck. The dumpster stays in your garage, driveway, or basement for five to ten days or whatever time period you’ve rented it for. When waste and construction debris fill it, call your supplier to pick the bin and dump it.

What Is A Junk Removal Service?

After scheduling an appointment, the company will send an expert to inspect and give a rough estimate for the removal project. Once you agree with the charges, trained labor comes to your property to haul away any unwanted items in their dump truck.

The Main Differences

Trash hauled in a room

Cost: A roll-on dumpster usually costs more than junk removal services. This is mainly because junk removal is a more cost-effective option as laborers have the right equipment, training, and expertise to perform the job efficiently, quickly, and dispose of the heavy items easily.

Heavy-Lifting: Experts at junk removal companies provide full services, which means they will do all the heavy-lifting and hard work for you, whereas with dumpster rentals, you have to load debris yourself.

Flexibility: Junk removal services allow to declutter everything, including TVs, computers, and other appliances, etc. meanwhile, dumpster companies often have restrictions as to what types of junk are acceptable.

Environmental-Friendliness: This mainly depends on the company you choose. Although most junk removal companies strive for eco-friendly recycling methods, always ask about their environmental policies, whether they avoid landfills, whether they have upcycling or recycling facilities, and what charities do they donate items to.

Always try to avoid working with services that offload all items in a local dump because this can have negative repercussions on the environment. If you’re looking for junk removal experts, connect with Grizzly Junk Removal Services.

Our licensed team is trained to haul bulk trash, including ‘hard to handle’ items. We offer full service, so all you have to do is call us at 714 309 0201 to schedule an appointment with us, and you will only have to lift your finger to point us to where the junk is. Leave the rest to us!

We offer an extensive range of junk removal services in Orange County, including commercial junk hauling, professional appliance removal, small demolition or post-construction cleanup, bulk garbage removal, and many more.

Grizzly Junk Removal aims to recycle, reuse, and repurpose most of your unwanted items because we want to reduce the carbon footprint collectively in an attempt to give back to our community.

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