Demolition Service

We are a demolition service provider offering services primarily in the Orange County area. Our team specializes in a wide range of demolitions ranging from something as small as the safe removal of a hot tub to the demolition of an entire building.

Our Demolition service process

As a part of our service delivery, we conduct an extensive inspection of the site before starting the demolition project. Our process design takes care to ensure that we take all safety measures and deploy the correct equipment for the job.

Keeping this in mind, the Grizzly team comprises industry professionals with extensive demolition experience. They undergo regular training to execute demolitions safely and reliably.

We can finish small projects within a day. Larger jobs, especially those requiring specialized tools and equipment, we target to complete in a couple of days. Our reliable and affordable services make us one of the most sought-after demolition service providers in the Orange County region.

We usually come to your project site the same day to provide a free no-hassle estimate and work with your schedule and need to have it completed on time.


Our services

Small demolitions are professional activities requiring specialized skills. The Grizzly team has undertaken several alterations and partial demolitions of structures to attain the necessary experience in this field.

We are a fully insured and licensed demolition services provider in Orange County with an excellent track record of over 10 years. Our attention to detail and careful planning techniques helps us execute each project with satisfying results.

Our services are focused on ensuring that as we demolish certain areas, the remaining structure stays intact. Such services allow our clients to make way for improvements or extensions without harming the integrity of the overall design.

Comprehensive demolition services

At Grizzly Junk Removal, we provide end-to-end on-site demolition services, including asbestos removal, strip out, dismantling, and site clearance. Moreover, we work at an enviable pace, following a predetermined procedure keeping the environment in mind. After we are done with the project, you are left with a clean site so that you can begin the next phase of your project.

Skills and technology

We have access to a significant fleet of machinery. Our skilled workforce is trained to undertake specific delicate demolition projects even by hand if necessary. In this way, we help our customers preserve the original charm of their heritage homes.

Our crew has expertise allowing them to undertake such work with ease. For instance, we can perform complicated tasks like retaining the facade or demolishing areas with limited access.

Assessments and inspections

Incorrect demolitions can lead to wastage of time, money, and resources. Therefore, we partner with structural engineers to verify that the demolition can go ahead while maintaining public safety structural integrity and public safety. If required, we even undertake dilapidation surveys for adjoining properties.

Once our building surveyor approves the reports, our team prepares to move forward with the demolition works.

Efficiency and reliability

With Grizzly Junk Removals, you can rest assured that the demolition project will be completed in an efficient, reliable, compliant, and safe manner. We not only laydown foolproof groundwork, but our team also uses the latest equipment and tools for all of our projects. Plus, our wide range of machinery and trucks are maintained to increase their availability and eliminate any possibilities of delays due to breakdowns.

Result Driven

The Grizzly demolition team is motivated by completing projects that reflect the vision of our clients. When faced with obstacles during the project, the team banks on our engineers and experts’ network to get the job done without impacting the end result.

Our demolition Service deliverables

We have extensive experience in small and large demolition projects. Armed with all the necessary machinery and equipment we can undertake various demolition projects, including:

Our commitment to the environment 

We recycle at least 80% of the materials collected from each demolition project that we undertake. The components are earmarked for reuse or recycle as early as the assessment phase itself. In other words, we try our best to keep the demolition waste out of the landfill and give our clients a chance to deliver an environment-friendly project.

Attractive prices

For most small demolition projects, we charge based on the weight for disposal and labor involved. Larger jobs require a more complex matrix based on volume, weight, special equipment, additional labor, etc.

We carry out detailed on-site assessments to arrive at the best possible prices. You can call us to get your demolition quote without any obligation. We provide businesses and residents of Orange County quick and hassle-free services right on their doorsteps that is just one phone call away.

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