Clever Tips to Stay Clutter-Free Over the Holidays!

A home dining table with all kinds of junk and clutter

A cluttered home not only sets a bad example for your guests but also has a significant impact on your mental and physical health. According to research, cluttered living spaces can be highly stressful for the brain and can trigger unhealthy coping mechanisms such as procrastinating, overeating comfort foods, and even excessive shopping. These are all the result of the brain avoiding having to think about the clutter or deal with it.

Clutter can also impact your health by triggering respiratory issues as more things collect more duct and spread it around the house, which amplifies breathing problems. Cluttered homes are also a safety hazard as they increase the risk of residents tripping or falling over something.

You wouldn’t want guests at your Christmas party falling over some old cardboard boxes you never got around to getting rid of, would you?

Here are some quick and easy tips to help you get rid of any old junk and stay clutter-free over the holidays:

Change Your Perspective

One of the most common things that prevent people from clearing out the clutter from their homes is that they are too close to the problem. People often have trouble seeing something when it’s right in front of them. Your home might be getting cluttered slowly and gradually, but you might not be aware because you are used to it, or you don’t see it as cluttered, but someone else might.

The first step to decluttering is getting a fresh perspective and assessing the various areas of the house as a stranger might. This will help you see which areas are too cluttered and might seem unsightly and messy to your guests.

Clean Every Room

The step is clearing out every room. If there is clutter in one room, it is highly likely that it will spill on to other areas of the house. Go through every room of the house, especially common areas such as the kitchen, living room, and bathroom, with the intent of clearing out anything that is no longer useful and just taking up valuable space.  

A pile of Christmas decorations on a table

Put Away Holiday Stuff

The most common cause of clutter around the holiday season is the piles of holiday supplies. Whether it is ingredients and snacks for the holidays, gifts for the family, and wrapping supplies, people tend to just through them wherever there is space in the house. Put away all the food items in the fridge or the pantry and designate a proper safe for all the gifts and wrapping supplies instead of leaving it out in the open. Get rid of any broken decorations or useless holiday junk without an ounce of sentimentality for effective decluttering!  

Get Rid of Broken and Irreparable Items

Anything broken that you have been meaning to fix but haven’t for more than six months is something you don’t need. Get rid of it before the holidays. Also, look for any irreparable items around the house and anything you might be hoarding for use “someday” and get rid of them asap. This includes any broken furniture you might be thinking of doing DIY with, any busted appliances, and items that nobody uses in the house and should be donated.

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