Benefits of Reusing and Recycling Old Furniture

Old and abandoned chair

Modern waste management techniques aimed at reducing environmental damage include reusing and recycling.

The meaning of reuse is self-explanatory; it literally means using an item again. On the other hand, recycling refers to separating and breaking down components of a used item to repurpose them. Both are energy-efficient ways meant to conserve scarce natural resources conveniently.

Reports by the EPA reveal that furniture usually requires more resources, such as time and money, to dispose of than other recyclable junks. Each year colossal amounts of furniture are tossed into landfills or given to destruction facilities even if there is still life left in them. Reusing or donating the old furniture would’ve saved at least 9-10 lbs. of raw material used in manufacturing each piece.  

Reduce Green House Effect

Every time you think of adding oomph to your room with a new chair, or bedroom set, or any new piece of furniture, a countless number of trees are cut as raw materials to aid the manufacturing.

The cutting of trees increases acid rains and can cause the extinction of endangered species.  

Recycling helps reduce the greenhouse effect to a great extent. When energy consumption and wastage of precious ‘virgin’ raw materials are reduced, the need for mining also declines, adding to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that are significantly responsible for global climate change.

Ideas: How to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Old and abandoned sofa, mattress, and other furniture tossed on the road


If the furniture is clean and in decent condition, sell it online to make some money out of it rather than tossing it in a landfill. This way, a less fortunate person gets furniture at a lesser, more affordable cost than new ones. A win-win situation for all!


In case the furniture is in a less-than-desirable condition, or if you don’t need the extra money, consider putting it under the ‘free’ section on online portals or donate it to a charity. Do make sure to check it for bed-bug infestation beforehand!


Get creative! If a piece, such as a couch, can be spruced up with slipcovers and throws or just needs a professional clean-up, get the stains out, and add pillows to freshen it up!

If you’re bored with the old coffee table, move it to another room, reupholster an old sofa, add a lining to give the boring chair a new makeover; the possibilities are countless!


Contact with experts at junk hauling companies such as Grizzly Junk Removal to help dismantle the parts, such as cotton, wood, springs, foam, fabric, and many other components that can be directed to responsible recycling facilities.

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