Appliance Removal

Quality and Top notch Appliance Removal

Quality and top-notch service only here at Grizzly Junk Removal. Hauling your appliance is never easy. Our team has over a decade of experience with appliance removal. Coordinate with us today.

Organizing your homes to remove appliances is not an easy task. Buying new appliances will make your house more energy-efficient, but at the same time, it will leave your old appliances there. Not only will the old appliances interrupt the aesthetics of your spaces, but they might also cause problems that will affect your vicinity. Do not worry, our appliance removal services does all the labor for you.


Grizzly Junk Removal is always here to help you recycle appliances, electronics, and so much more in a very sustainable manner. Our team offers unparalleled services in Orange County.

Questions To Ask Your Appliance Removal Service Provider

You will not need your old appliances anymore. Are they just sitting around your living spaces, cannot be used, and are not doing you well but collecting dust and filling in the area you can utilize for other furnishings? It is daunting to get rid of old appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, stoves, and so much more by yourself. 

Simultaneously, with many service providers offering appliance removal, it can be challenging to look for the right one. Ask these questions to your prospective appliance removal specialists. 

When Is The Best Time To Call Appliance Removal Specialists?

Anytime you find your old appliances are already filling into space where more useful furniture should be, coordinate with appliance removal services. Simply provide us with the description of the appliances you want to remove from your homes or offices.

What Are The Appliances You Remove, Haul Away, and Recycle?

The last thing you want to encounter is to see your appliance removal service provider does not cover the appliances you have. Grizzly Junk Removal takes care of the following appliances: refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, ovens, stoves, and so much more. 

Do You Offer Same-Day Services?

We are glad you asked. One of our edge against others in the field or Orange County is our same-day services. We offer appliance removal for both residential and commercial appliances. Whether you are a realtor who needs to get rid of old appliances from a foreclosed home paving the way to new tenants, or a building administrator who needs to haul away appliances in the office since the executives bought new ones, we have the team for such who offer same-day services to our clients

Can You Remove Appliances Even When I Am Not On-Site? 

Our tie-up with our clients involves ensuring that we do what you require us to. We highly advise you to be on-site before the arrival of our junk removal team. About 30 minutes before the schedule, we will connect with you, most of the time via a call, confirming the location, the appliances you wish to be hauled away, and the time our crew will arrive in your area. If you are not on-site, we will then review the price quote and call you, confirming the costs of hauling away your appliances.

Why Choose Grizzly Junk Removal

Grizzly Junk Removal helps individuals and businesses de-clutter their spaces, removing old appliances without stretching their limbs. Sit back, and relax as we do the heavy work for you.

We Cover Various Appliances 

Our appliance removal services cover refrigerators, dishwashers, dryers, washing machines, ovens, stoves, and a whole lot more. Do you need to haul your heavy refrigerator? Our team will remove this for you, so you do not do it all by yourself. 

We Get Started On The Dot

Time is of the essence. We guarantee that our team arrives at your address on the dot for the scheduled appointment. You can always reach out to us to show the appliances that you need for them to collect. We also donate your old appliances to people in need, as well as to charities.

Ours Is Sustainable Appliance Removal 

If you are worried about taking the blame for our practice of removing your appliances, you do not have to. And, we also do not bear the responsibility. This is since we offer these services with sustainability in mind. At the recycling facilities, we oversee that the appliances are separated from hazardous entities and non-recyclable parts. Appliances usually have metals, plastic, and glass. We ensure that the environment will not suffer from chemicals and toxic substances that may leak from the appliances, and contaminated air quality, groundwater, and soil.

Integrity Is One Of Our Commitment 

Ours is integrity with our work and our pricing. Our pricing may require upfront, but we base it upon the weight, volume, labor, travel, transport, recycling, disposal, and work scope. We are licensed and fully insured.

We are the preferred junk removal service provider in Orange County and beyond. Schedule a pick-up, and connect with us today at [email protected]. You may also send your email to Grizzly Junk Removal 714 309 0201. We are looking forward to working with you.