3 Ways to Save Money on Junk Removal

A clean backyard after professional junk removal

Junk removal services are an essential component of maintaining a property and ensuring proper disposal of waste such as damaged furniture and broken electronics. Some people try to save money by taking on junk removal by themselves and end up spending more by having to pay for the equipment and tools, renting trucks and other vehicles to haul everything to the junkyard, and paying for its disposal.

Professional junk removal services don’t cost as much as many people believe. The average cost of junk removal is between $133 and $360 for a few hours of work. Removing an entire truckload of junk can cost anywhere from $400 to $800 with additional cost for more difficult and bigger junk such as construction debris and electronic items.

Here are some clever tips to help you save money on your junk removal costs:

Get Multiple Estimates

The first step to saving money on professional junk removal is by asking for multiple estimates from different junk removal companies. By shopping around for different companies, you can find the one that fits your budget. You can also add and remove services when asking for the estimate, depending on the services you need and how much you can afford to spend. You can also negotiate with the junk removal service to bring the price lower until you are happy with it.

Reduce the Workload

While most junk removal companies offer a flat rate for junk removal from a particular area, they might ask for a separate fee if they are required to do other tasks such as dismantling any appliance or furniture. Try to break down the junk as much as possible by dismantling larger pieces of furniture and clearing out spaces to make it easier for the company to move bulky items and avoid getting charged over the agreed flat rate.

A couple of old and dirty chairs in the backyard that can be recycled

Recycle and Salvage

Before you call the junk removal company, check if there are any recyclable items that you can remove. Less junk means less stuff for the company to remove and lower costs for you. You can also make some money by taking any metal and other salvageable materials to the salvage yard and see if you can get some money for it. You can also sell some of your old stuff that is usable on e-Bay or Craigslist to recover some of the cost of hiring a professional junk removal service.  

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